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Biomass Energy Products

Turnkey systems provide material cost savings per ton of steam delivered.

The sustainable use of biomass as a renewable, carbon neutral source of energy is playing an important role in the energy transition process toward a future free of fossil fuels.

AFG competes head-on with fossil fuel in industrial applications where steam and/or heat are required in production processes. From biomass waste and alien invasive plants we manufacture carbon neutral, solid fuel with a constant calorific value.

The Alien Fuel system can be easily retrofitted to an existing fossil fuel boiler/burner combination.

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AFG Steam


A steam solution for production facilities.

The Alien Fuel Group offers a steam solution for production facilities; the biomass fuel in the form of briquettes feeds burners manufactured by Alien Fuel. The briquettes are made of alien invasive plants and industrial wood waste from saw mills or paper mills.


Quickly and easily retrofit boilers previously powered by liquid fossil burners.

We are able to quickly and easily retrofit boilers powered by liquid fossil burners. We can help with the design of a new production method as well as conversion of boilers to provide the same production but in a more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.

AFG boilers
AFG burners


Design and manufacture state-of-the-art biomass burners.

We design and manufacture state-of-the-art biomass burners, independently certified to operate at > 90 % efficiency.

The capital costs of switching to Alien Fuel driven burners is around one fifth of similar output operations in South Africa. This translates to shorter payback on capital expended, whilst generating higher IRRs than the industry norm.

We manufacture various sizes of burners, able to produce in a range from 1 ton to 10 tons of steam per hour.


Alien Fuel briquettes replace fossil fuels.

Using a high-tech production process to manufacture briquettes from wood waste and alien vegetation, our solid fuel briquettes are able to replace fossil fuels.

The combination of our trade-marked Alien Fuel ® and these sophisticated burners allows AFG to easily compete with fossil fuels both operationally and financially.

AFG briquettes

Planks and Decking

Decking and wooden planks from Eucalyptus.

Besides an obvious sustainability appeal of Eucalyptus (they are among the fastest growing woody plants in the world), furniture and flooring made from its wood is guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Eucalyptus products are ideal for outdoors use, as they have been kiln-dried and expertly treated to be able to stand up to the elements.

Eucalyptus (an Alien invasive plant) pose a threat to the existence of plant and animal biodiversity in the ecosystems they invade. They need to be cleared, monitored and eventually eradicated from the landscape. Invasive Eucalyptus claim 16% of the 1.4 billion cubic metres of water resources we lose every year due to AIPs.

Comparative Cost per Ton of Steam

Alien Fuel
Paraffin Coastal
Paraffin Reef

Alien Fuel winner in the Sustainable Energy category – Climate 360 competition

Alien Fuel is very proud to announce that we won the Climate 360 competition in the Sustainable Energy category. The prize that we received is invaluable, we now have the opportunity to present our company and value proposition to the International Energy Agencies in Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France).

We will meet with decision-makers and learn more about climate change projects in Europe. This is an opportunity to learn, make new connections, showcase our innovative project.
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