Biomass Energy Solutions

Our production facilities convert wood waste and alien vegetation into trade marked Alien Fuel®.

Coupled with our high tech biomass burners, we are able to offer a low cost import substitute for Liquid Fossil Fuels like Diesel, HFO, Paraffin and Gas.

Creating 100’s of Jobs

Reducing Carbon Footprint 

Decreasing Fossil Fuel Usage

Sappi Partnership

Sappi’s value driven goals with respect to their social and environmental impact are admirable. We are fortunate to be able to play a small part in helping them to achieve their aims.

Our collaboration with Sappi helps them better manage their biomass waste streams. This is an auditable solution that helps Sappi to transition from fossil fuels whilst contributing to a sustainable future.

Current Monthly Targets:

Waste Mitigated: 4750 Tonnes

Water Recycled: 1 230 000 Litres

Alien Fuel® Created: 3000 Tonnes

CO2 Mitigated: 5400 Tonnes

And Growing…


In the sawmilling, pulp and paper manufacturing industries, a staggering 75% waste factor from tree to final product is considered the norm.

This waste is generally transferred to landfill or left to decompose infield.

Waste to landfill is the third most common man made source of methane.

At up to 80 times more harmful than CO2 for 20 years after it is released, methane is responsible for more than 25% of the global warming we are experiencing today (UNEP).

Manufactured from Alien Invasive trees and/or wood waste from FSC certified forests, solid Alien Fuel® offers a transformative solution to combat the climate problem.

Alien Alpha has designed and builds bespoke biomass to energy systems where specialised burners using Alien Fuel® measurably outperform any liquid fossel fuel equivalents on an efficiency, emissions and cost/Gj basis.

Installed by Alien Alpha and measured by our experienced technical partners, these burners can be used to retrofit any liquid fossel fuel burners in the 1 to 10 ton/hour steam range.

The Alien Fuel® System

What is Alien Fuel®

A zero additive, clean, carbon-neutral, solid fuel. Our fuel is manufactured from biomass waste and Alien Invasive Plants (AIP’s).


Water Resistant

100% Natural

Constant moisture content

Net Calorific Value

Many more benefits…

Our Burner

Designed and built in South Africa entirely by our Alien Alpha Engineers who are winners of a prestigious EU award for innovation and sustainability.

Touch Screen/remote and password controlled modulating flame burning at up to 1200 deg C.

Looks and acts like any liquid fossil fuel flame.

High operating temperature ensures low particulate and

Ultra low SOx and NOx emmissions compared to any fossil fuel.

< 2% Ash – used as an organic biochar in regenerative agriculture.

Low capital cost. 22% cf other biomass solutions on the market.

Full back office with automatic 24/7 online monitoring.

Auditable emission, efficiency as well as operational reporting.