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Alien Fuel
biomass energy solution for
renewable energy

Alien Fuel creates a renewable energy source to enable the reduction of fossil fuel usage and reduce the carbon footprint.
Climate 360

Alien Fuel is a winner in the Climate 360 competition for the Sustainable Energy category.

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The sustainable use of biomass as a renewable energy source is playing an important role to reduce the carbon footprint . Alien fuel produces a green energy fuel that assist companies to reduce the usage of fossil fuels.

Smart & Effective

The turnkey system converts a solid biomass fuel derived from alien invasive tree species and other wood waste into a highly efficient-, very low CO2 emission-, green energy source.

By using alien vegetation to produce our fuel briquettes we help restore South Africa’s precious biodiversity.

Part of the unique formula of Alien Fuel platform comes from incorporating their own privately developed state-of-the-art PLC driven biomass burner into the overall operation.

Designed and manufactured by in-house engineers and technicians, it can be easily retrofitted to an existing fossil fuel boiler/burner combination and replace it to green power.

raw wood
briquettes eco fuel

Sustaining the environment and the economy

The bio-energy produced by Alien Fuel is providing a measurable win-win for the customer. It helps the Earth and thus our future by lowering the carbon footprint.

The sustainable use of biomass energy as a renewable, carbon neutral source of steam is playing an important role in the environmental energy technology. It assists in the transition process towards a future free of fossil fuels.

With the pressing global need to reduce CO2 emissions, Alien Fuel offers customers an alternative to fossil fuel that is more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cheaper to deploy on a gigajoule per gigajoule basis than any liquid fossil fuel. No more coal, diesel or other fossil fuels needed.



A steam solution for production facilities.


Quickly and easily retrofit boilers previously powered by liquid fossil burners.


Design and manufacture state of the art biomass burners.


Alien Fuel briquettes replace fossil fuels.

A sustainable future

Energy is essential for development, and sustainable energy is essential for sustainable development.- Tim Wirth
Alien Fuel is in a great way including many parameters in their business model covering both the circular economy, job creation, energy production and water consumption.- Climate360 Judges
There is a room to scale their business and become sustainable. Development and growth will assist in the long-term survival of the business. Their presentation is clear, polished and easy to follow- Climate360 Judges


Highly efficient

Our burners generate impressive fuel cost savings and efficiency.

Easy transaction

Alien Fuel burner can be retrofitted to a client’s existing boiler.

Waste reduction

Reduction of wood by-product waste.

Carbon neutral

Create a balance between carbon emissions and energy usage.

Removal of alien vegetation

Sustainable biomass derived fuel originating from alien plant species.

Alien Fuel winner in the Sustainable Energy category – Climate 360 competition

Alien Fuel is very proud to announce that we won the Climate 360 competition in the Sustainable Energy category. The prize that we received is invaluable, we now have the opportunity to present our company and value proposition to the International Energy Agencies in Brussels (Belgium) and Paris (France).

We will meet with decision-makers and learn more about climate change projects in Europe. This is an opportunity to learn, make new connections, showcase our innovative project.
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