Partnerships & Projects

Strategic Partners

A collobration with Boiler & Industrial Plant (BIP) esures your energy generation system will be installed and services by professionals – maintaining boiler warranties and ensuring 100% uptime.

Boiler retrofitting & Service level agreements

BIP and Alien Energy have partnered together to offer a truly turnkey solution for converting Liquid Fossil Fuel boiler/burner systems to highly efficient, state of the art Biomass driven systems.

BIP are industry leaders in burner/boiler supply and maintenance, offering turnkey boiler solutions:

Over 49 years industry experience

7ME engineering rated

Repair, maintenance and refurbishment of boilers

In-house and on-site fabrication and installations

Dedicated service/breakdown division

24/7 365 Service Technician availability

Sappi Partnership

Mkomazi Alienfuel is a joint venture company between AFG and Sappi Saiccor, designed to manage Sappi Saiccor’s waste streams while adding value and creating jobs for the local community. MAF provides Sappi with an auditable solution, enabling them to transition from fossil fuels while contributing to a sustainable future.

Current Monthly Targets:

Waste Mitigated: 4750 Tonnes

Water Recycled: 1 230 000 Litres

Alien Fuel® Created: 3000 Tonnes

CO2 Mitigated: 5400 Tonnes

And Growing…

By transforming Sappi’s FSC certified waste from their production process into a valuable carbon-neutral fuel source, this AFG-Sappi joint venture provides a sustainable solution that aligns with Sappi and AFG’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Basic Stock Worcester

Originally our pilot plant and proof of concepts. Now a fully operational Alien Fuel® refinery and distribution center for the Western Cape.

Outstanding Monthly achievements:

    Alien Invasives Removed: 1600 Tons

    Water Recycled: 410 000 Litres

    Alien Fuel® Created: 1000 Tons

    CO2 Mitigated: 1800 Tons

    At Basic Stock we process a feedstock of Invasive Alien Plants (IAPs) collected from the surrounding farmlands into our Alien Fuel®. Currently scalable to 2000 Tons per month production with further plans for expansion into the Western Cape.

    Specialized Partners

    We do EPC contracts – where we fully design, build and commission (then manage) a factory like the MAF one. As well like the Basic Stock and Axlewood factories.


    Design Work

    Mechanical engineering design work, specializing in CFD analysis.



    Sets up customer automation and control.

    Sean Young

    Business Development Manger

    Heads up image and expansion of the company