About Us

Our turnkey systems convert Alien Invasive Plants (AIPs) and wood waste into a solid Biomass fuel

Who We ARe

Alien Energy is a forward-thinking, innovative business entity consisting of several companies set up in a circular business model.

We play a part in reshaping the future of biomass driven energy solutions. We create permanent jobs where none existed previously.

Commencing in 2014, our diverse portfolio has grown to include…

  • The Alien Fuel Group
  • Alien Fuel
  • Alien Alpha
  • Basic Stock
  • Axlewood

Each playing a vital role in our scalable, sustainability driven enterprise.

Alien Energy offers Full EPC contracts

What We do

We supply steam to industrialists using a sustainable, solid biomass, CO2 neutral, replacement for fossil fuel. Part of the unique formula of AFG is a uniquely developed state-of-the-art biomass burner.

Our turnkey systems provide significant cost savings per ton of steam delivered. The biomass burner is designed and manufactured by our own engineers and technicians and can be easily retrofitted to an existing fossil fuel boiler/burner combination.

These days climate change is high on all agendas and there is a global need to reduce CO2 emissions.

Alien Fuel® offers customers an alternative to fossil fuels that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. Being a win-win for the customer, it also helps the Earth and thus our future.

Our aim is to contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, clear South African land from invasive species, and create jobs at the same time.

Our Aim: To Fuel a Cleaner Future

Executive Team

Bruce Johnson

CEO & Founder


Years of executive level experience in the fossil fuel and biofuel industry. Company turn around roles in sub-Saharan African countries – covering pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, distribution, construction, logistics, sales and marketing, sawmilling, milling.

Marissa Chandansing

Director, Legal, HR, Admin

Political Science at the Free University (Netherlands)

Studying Law at Open University Netherlands. Experienced in SME Start ups, CEO Axlewood (Pty) Ltd.

Jode Fourie

Engineering Manager

Mechanical Engineer

Master’s degree in Mechanical engineering, specialised in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), owner and founder at DreamTech Engineering.

Charlie Nicholls


Chartered Accountant

Decades of financial experience with small and medium sized businesses, owner and founder at Nichabiz Financial Consultants Inc.

Louie' Maas

Senior Operations Manager

Industrial Engineer

Eco-Energy Enthusiast, a driven and results-oriented professional with a passion for making things happen.

Nceba Tyron Mbidlana

Electrical Lead

N Dip Electrical Engineering

Dedicated and self driven with an unwavering work ethic.

Haydon Dawe

Electrical, Automation and Instrumentation

Systems Engineer

Specialist in automation and robotics with a focus on Waste-to-Energy and clean energy products and projects.

Brendan Kennedy

Executive Consultant

BBS (Hons)

Various boards of directors in Sub-Saharan Africa. Specialist in large scale fossil fuel distribution.

Group Structure

Holding Company

Business Development

Shared management services. Marketing, PR & Digital presence


Alien Alpha (PTY) LTD

Design engineering, project management, burner and related infrastructure fabrication - turnkey solutions

Service Level Agreements
Service Level Agreements

Alien Fuel (PTY) LTD

Technical interface with customers. 24/7 Site monitoring. IP to Alien Fuel® manufacturers. Alien Fuel® trademark.

Fuel Supply
Fuel Supply

Basic Stock (PTY) LTD

Manufactures greater than 1000 ton/m of Alien Fuel® from invasive trees and sawmill waste. Scalable to greater than 2000 tons.


Axlewood (PTY) LTD

High quality, value added products from invasive trees. Supplies raw material to Basic Stock.

Service Level Agreements
Service Level Agreements

Alien Fuel Group (PTY) LTD

50% Shareholder in MAF.


Technical Support

Strategic Alliances

Bruno Migliorini
Sean Tomlinson

Mkomazi Alien Fuel (PTY) LTD

Fuel Supply

AFG-Sappi joint venture
Manufactures > 3500 tons/m from paper mill waste.
Scalable to > 6000 tons


JV Partner

50% Shareholder in MAF.
Raw Material supply